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Web Design & Development | Mirror.co.uk

Mirror Website Mirror Website


Website Design

8th February 2012, the digital home of the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror launch's a new website.

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Why the Mirror.co.uk chose &&& Creative to redesign their website.

Interviewed: Chris Ellis, MD. Matt Kelly,Publisher. Malcolm Coles, Product Director. Trinity Mirror Group.

Why redesign Mirror.co.uk?

UK Exlcusive: Matt Kelly, Chris Ellis & Malcolm Coles.

Video: Robert Andrews

Brand Development | Adrem Recruitment

Adrem Website Development & Strategy Adrem Website Development & Strategy Website Adrem Logo
Case Study

Adrem Brand

Brand Development | Logotype Design | Website Design

We were employed to reposition Adrem; an International design, architecture and engineering recruitment consultancy. The website we delivered revolutionised how Adrem conducted business. The brand re-positioning motivated staff and effectively communicated with their core client base.

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"If I compare now to before we had the website, the way we do business has massively changed... it’s been a silent revolution."

Del Hussain, RIBA, MD Adrem

Dream Space Logo

Dream Space

Brand Development | Logotype Design

We proposed that Adrem should provide a forum for universities, design studios, architectural practices and independent designers’ through exhibitions. The success of these events instigated Dream Space, a sub-brand of Adrem.

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Brand Development | Ascent Consult

AndAndAnd-Creative-Ascent-Website-logotype-310.jpg Ascent Consult Website

Ascent Consult

Logotype Design | Stationery | Website Design

Ascent, Talent Management approached &&& to develop their brand identity & website. The typographic treatment, and detailed crops of architecture reflects the businesses discreet management of individuals and teams toward achievable performance and business well being.

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Brand Development | Dirty Soup

Dirty Soup Logo Dirty Soup Logo Dirty Soup Logo Dirty Soup Website

Dirty Soup Brand

Logotype Design | Website Design

Musical composition, sound design, sonic branding and sync supervision company for TV, film, commercial and media projects.

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Customised Mac Mail Stationery

Bespoke Mac Mail Stationery template.


Brand Development | Readers Digest

Readers Digest UK
Case Study

Readers Digest Brand

Brand Development | Creative Direction

We were employed as European Creative Directors to inspire International teams, improving design quality and develop new projects in-line with RDA’s new strategy; to be a high–performance organisation. Our creative role covered Editorial Lead, Art Direction and the implementation of effective design tools and processes.

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"&&& Creative delivered simplicity and clarity to a complex global project, I was very impressed!"

Donna Esposito ,Vice President, New Business Development, Europe, Readers Digest Association.

Purpose Driven Connection Logo Purpose Driven Connection Logo Purpose Driven Connection Logo Purpose Driven Connection Logo Purpose Driven Connection Logo
Case Study

Purpose Driven Connection: Rick Warren

Creative Direction | Magazine Design

RDA conceived the idea of collaborating with Rick Warren to develop Purpose Driven Connection, “A network of multimedia resources for nurturing healthy relationships; a framework for focusing one’s time and energy; a pathway for discovering one’s life purpose; a gateway to opportunities for making a significant impact with one’s life; and a library of useful tools to accelerate one’s spiritual, emotional and relational growth.”

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European Creative Directors Global Naming Strategy

Brand Development | Sunday Publishing

Sunday Publishing Logo Sunday Publishing Stationery Sunday Publishing Digital Stationery Sunday Publishing Typography
Case Study

Sunday Brand

Brand Development | Logotype Design | Stationery Design

Award winning contract publishing agency with an extensive portfolio of blue chip clients.

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"From logotype to workable Word templates, &&&’s rebrand of Sunday was creatively and technically brilliant. The process was also brilliantly collaborative."

Matt Beaven, Editorial & Creative Director, Sunday

Digital templates

Microsoft Templates | CSS Templates

Digital templates designed to facilitate a unified brand experience.


Brand Development | Quercus Eight

Quercus Eight Logo Quercus Eight Stationery Quercus Eight Digital Stationery
Case Study

Quercus Eight Brand

Logotype Design | Stationery Design | Brand Development

"&&& Creative as a design agency define differentiation perfectly. The organisation prides itself on creating a business relationship that is truly inspirational. Creativity is at the heart of every service and thing they do."

Jennifer Allen, Account Director, Quercus Eight

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Quercus Eight - Salon Focus Magazine Quercus Eight - Salon Focus Magazine Quercus Eight - Salon Focus Magazine
Case Study

Salon Focus

Magazine Design

B2B magazine SalonFocus, catering for the hairdressing sector by The National Hairdressers' Federation.

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Quercus Eight - Gas International Magazine

Gas International

Magazine Design

B2B magazine Gas International for Igem, the institution of Gas Engineers and Managers.

Brand Development | Verbal Identity

Verbal Identity Logo Verbal Identity: Website Verbal Identity: Website Verbal Identity: Website Verbal Identity: Website

Verbal Identity

Logotype Design | Website Design

"I had half an idea of what I wanted: a website that would work like a green grocer’s display, with movable boxes of the freshest social media content. &&& Creative designed and made something simple and dramatic that’s fully wonderful"

Chris West, Verbal Identity

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Creative Direction | Institute of Contemporary Art Exhibition

Case Study

Institute of Contemporary Art

Invite Design | Signage | Publication design

Memorial to the Iraq War brought together the reflections of 26 international artists, asking them to imagine an eventual memorial to the ongoing conflict. We were commissioned to design a commemorative publication, invitations and signage for the exhibition.

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Creative Direction | Serpentine Gallery

Case Study

Serpentine Gallery 24hr Marathon London: Rem Koolhaas, Pavilion

Creative Direction | Book Design | Event Photography | Poster Design

&&& Creative + Mark Iving commissioned to creatively document the 24-hour marathon interview event conveying its immediacy, accessibility and highlights.

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Flip Book Animation

Serpentine Gallery 24hr Marathon London Poster

Download Poster

&&&'s work exhibited

Simon Brown's and Mark Irving's work from the 24-hour Interview Marathon, Serpentine Gallery was exhibited by Hans Ulrich Obrist at the 10 Curators Exhibition held at Colette. A concept store and pre-eminent Parisian fashion and style boutique, showcasing international creativity through its exhibition programme.

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"Working with &&& Creative is always a pleasure due to their expertise and experience. They combine cutting-edge experimental design with an understanding of the mainstream and they have delivered outstanding work that has perfectly reflected the Gallery’s programme. We wish them every future success."

Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Directors, Serpentine Gallery

Serpentine 24hr Experiment Marathon DVD Title Sequence
Case Study

Serpentine Gallery 24hr Experiment Marathon: Olafur Eliasson, Pavilion

Experimental DVD title sequence design

&&& Creative were commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery to produce a DVD title sequence that captured the essence of 24-hour Experiment Marathon, held in the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion designed by Olafur Eliasson and Kjetil Thorsen.

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DVD Title Sequence

Contextual DVD Title Sequence

&&& Creative contribute to Experiment Marathon Exhibition Reykjavik, Iceland

&&&'s work exhibited

On the strength of our DVD title sequence, we were asked to contribute to the Experiment Marathon Reykjavik. The installation included our DVD title sequence and paper stack used to create the animation, housed in its own temporary structure within the exhibition.


Creative Direction | Rem Koolhaas OMA/AMO

Case Study

Rem Koolhaas - OMA

Book Design | Exhibition Design

The Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) is one of the most influential architectural institutions of this century. Simon Brown and Jon Link were invited to art direct an inventory of seven years of Rem Koolhaas tireless labor, a predecessor to SMLXL (designed by Bruce Mau) and Delirious New York.

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Content Exhibition, Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

The book extended into an exhibition held at the Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, whereby designed pages unfolded back to back as wall dividers.

Barbican Talk

Barbican Talk: OMA/Progress Exhibition

Graphic Design Lecture

Barbican, Inside Track Talk, 15th December 2012: Creative Director Simon Brown, &&& revisits producing Content for Rem Koolhaas, OMA.


Creative Direction | Verso Books

Verso Books Cover Designs
Case Study

Verso Books

Book Cover Design | Illustration | Photography

Multi Award winning publisher Verso books approached &&& to design unique book cover artwork that engages with the narrative of each book.


Sand Illustration: Making of Marx's book cover

Verso Books | Kirigami Book Covers: Marxs Political Writing

Marx’s Political Writings

Book Cover Design | Kirigami

Our Online Developer, Lucas Krüll’s passion for origami & kirigami went from becoming a personal past time to a professional project for the latest Marx’s book Series.

Verso Books | Intern Nation Book Cover

Intern Nation

Book Cover Design | Photography

How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy by Ross Perlin.


Creative Direction | Vodafone

Cilichili Cover Archive Cilichili Cover Archive Cilichili Cover Archive Cilichili Cover Archive Cilichili Cover Archive
Case Study

Vodafone | Čilichili Magazine

Creative Direction | Magazine Design

Vodafone's customer magazine Čilichili challenges conventions, whilst reinforcing brand values. Since our involvement the project has become an award winning success, moved online and grown in circulation.

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"Time and again, Simon and the team at &&& Creative have solved real challenges through creative solutions and wonderful design."

Grace Molenaar, Global Head of Identity & Design, Vodafone

Cilichili Interiors cover

Interiors Issue Cover

Creative Direction | Magazine Design | Viral Video

To illustrate this months Interiors Issue for Čilichili we produced a bespoke carpet shaving.


Making of Čilichili Cover, Interiors Issue

The final carpet was given away as a gift to a lucky Facebook fan.

Facebook Fan Posters

Creative Direction | Poster Design

As a special thank you to all Čilichili's Facebook Fans, &&& Creative produced 3 typographic illustrations using the fans names.

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Cilichili Cover, Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo Issue

Creative Direction | Magazine Design

Behold the Man issue of Čilichili magazine is the first issue with a bespoke Be Tolerant to minorities deal released by Vodafone.

Cilichili Cover, Say it with your hair!

Say it with your hair! Issue

Creative Direction | Magazine Design | Viral Video

To illustrate Čilichili's Say it with Hair! Feature we commissioned artist Helene Kazan to hand draw a bespoke ponytail.


Making of Čilichili Cover, Say it with your hair!

Cilichili Cover, Toilet Issue

Toilet Issue | Coinciding with geolocation based App

Creative Direction | Magazine Design | Viral Video

This months issue of Čilichili focuses on the global fascination with toilets, the graffiti and humour that surrounds them.


Viral Video for WC Guide App

Vodafone commissions &&& to paint a Golden set of Toilets for their latest geolocation based WC Guide App. The toilets are at in a secret location, in Prague.

Web Design & Development | Gareth Hacker

Gareth Hacker Website Gareth Hacker Website Gareth Hacker Website

Gareth Hacker Photography

Logotype Design | Website Design | Mac Mail Stationery

Photographer Gareth Hacker required an effective website solution to showcase work and deliver projects.

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Bespoke & Bound logotype Bespoke & Bound Website Bespoke & Bound Website

Bespoke & Bound

Logotype Design | Website Design

English hand crafted portfolio maker's website.

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Web Design & Development | Helene Kazan

Helene Kazan Website Helene Kazan Website Helene Kazan Website Helene Kazan Website Helene Kazan Website iPhone Version

Helene Kazan

Logotype Design | Website Design

Showcase & secure delivery website for international artist Helene Kazan.

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Helene Kazan Interviews &&& Creative

Sunday, 23 May 2010, Chelsea College of Art ‘Market of Ideas’

Helene Kazan invited &&& Creative to join a day long discussion on notions of creative collaboration.


Web Design & Development | Jay Pond-Jones

Jay Pond-Jones Website Jay Pond-Jones Website

Jay Pond-Jones

Logotype Design | Website Design

Showcase website for the formidable creative Jay Pond-Jones who's career spans creative advertising and brand communications.

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Colour TV Website

Colour TV London

Website Design

Soho based production company founded in 2004, following the success of Flipside TV.

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Flipflip Website Flipflip Packaging

Flip Flip

Website Design | Packaging Design

The coolest, high-visibility cycle product hitting the streets of London.

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ColourBolt Logotype ColourBolt Website


Logotype Design | Website Design

Bespoke bike builders ColourBolt combine the ‘old-school look’ of vintage lugged steel frames, with an individual mix of new and sourced components.

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Web Design & Development | SabotageTimes.com

Sabotage Times Website Sabotage Times Website Sabotage Times Website Sabotage Times Logo Sabotage Syndication Logo Sabotage Times Website
Case Study

Sabotage Times Brand

Logotype Design | Website Design

Loaded founder James Brown approached &&& Creative to design and develop the online strategy for Sabotage Times.

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Sabotage Times App

iPhone & Android App

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Guardian Clipping

James Brown Guardian Interview

John Plunkett, The Guardian, interviews James Brown on his new digital venture Sabotage Times. Read the full article on The Guardian.